I started this blog in the spring of 2011 when my first short story was accepted. It felt imperative that I grow a place online that future editors, movie studios, and tastemakers could find me. Imperative. Ten years later, it still holds a mixture of sentimental attachment, so I update it (very) occasionally.

Over that time, I’ve sold a few pieces, wrote a spec script and a pilot. A few years ago, I completed a second novel that has since languished in editing purgatory, then enrolled in a writing MFA program. I’m still toiling away, trying to commit to process over goal.

About me (he/him), I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, then graduated from MIT. I went to medical school, became a psychiatrist, and lived in NYC for a decade before returning to my hometown. I do a fair amount of improv (even through the pandemic) and am a psychiatrist and addiction medicine physician by day.

There are links to some of my publications, moanings about my creative process, and shoutouts to various productions/teachers that have helped me along the way. I am still a work in progress but should I ever arrive somewhere, consider this an inconsistent diary of the journey. Cheers!

**Please note that I receive the not-infrequently-enough death threat, bomb threat, or stalker, so if my contact information is not front-and-center, or if the comments sections are turned off, please understand that this is to protect my own sanity/privacy**

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  1. It’s your old patient from New York who had an ostomy bag. It’s completely gone for a year now and all is physically well. I’m a bona-fide working asshole again. I’m so glad I read your blog. Now I know why it took me 8 years to shit normally again. Knowing that life in Canada must be better than NYC. Best regards. J.

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