I used to be a big theater nerd. Quite literally, actually, considering I got a degree in theater from MIT (full disclosure, there was no such official major at the time, so the full title was: Bachelor of Science in Humanities, with a major departure in musical and theater arts). I studied for a little while at the Michael Howard Studio in NYC but then transitioned over to improv.

I studied at UCB in NYC when they were still in operation, then completed the long-form program online (yay Covid!). I did the long-form improv series at Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto and took classes at Second City Toronto. But mostly, for the last decade, I’ve been performing and learning with the Oakville Improv Theatre Company. We have done family-friendly shows regularly for years, and these days are back to monthly shows at the Moonshine Cafe, probably the best place in Oakville. We kept things pretty virtual for most of 2020-2021, so I have some online shows out there from UCB, OITC, and even the Hideout Theater in Austin, TX. We generally work the gamut from the game-based Theatresports format to more open/long-form structures.