Unidentified Funny Objects 3


The Table of Contents for Alex Shvartsman’s sci-fi humor anthology UFO 3 was revealed today, and it includes a story of mine “The Full Lazenby.” It’s a riff on identity and fandom and celebrity culture.

Being included in this volume is especially exciting for me because…

…it’s a story I started working on for the original UFO. I’m glad that after two years of tinkering it tickled Alex’s fancy.

…I’m a huge Don Quixote fan. This year’s cover exchanges Cervantes’ harmless windmills for an intergalactic threat.

…Piers Anthony is included. Dog-eared paperbacks of his were the currency of my grade school, so basically, he’s a real Author. It’s a thrill to see my work listed next to his.

UFO 3 is available for pre-order (as are the previous great volumes) so be sure to check it out!